What is the most popular stationery item in 2023

What is the most popular stationery item in 2023

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Stationery has long played a significant role in people’s lives and has consistently been in high demand. Yet, social choices for stationery are also dynamic. Let’s now look at 2023’s anticipated popular stationery trends.

. Bright and Positive Elements


After the challenging years of 2020–2022, individuals are more concerned than normal about their mental and emotional well-being.

As a result, it is simpler to penetrate the user’s heart with certain soothing patterns and vibrant colours. As an illustration, consider the 2022 trend for neon and candy-colored station

We think that the next fashion trend will carry over some of the previous trends, and as a result, there will be improvements to the designs. Bright, warm orange might emerge as the newest fashion hue. The popularity of uplifting pictures like rainbows, unicorns, and suns will not diminish.

2. Living Stationery


Candy toys and other amusing stationery will continue to be quite popular. We can also observe that many stationery manufacturers have introduced their newest food-shaped stationery during this year’s China show. These products are commonly utilized in erasers, stationery boxes, notebooks, and other items.

People may experience both the beauty of life and the intrigue of this lifelike image.

Also, the handwritten type in the design will make them feel at home.

3. Soft Wiggling Pen


We discovered a large number of delicate and intriguing pens at stationery fairs and wholesale markets in China. They come in a variety of forms, including those of food, animals, and plants.

Most of these pens right now are gel pens. Yet it is conceivable that this element will also be employed in other kinds of stationery as a result of the heat.

4. Monster Elements


These cute monster images will be developed further and used in numerous creative ways in stationery design. newer, more intriguing, and some even have all-new components.

The astronaut element seems a little lonely in comparison to the monster element, another aspect that has gained popularity during the previous two years. There were a lot less astronaut-related components at this year’s exhibition. The objective of innovation is to make astronauts into diverse space creatures. The combination is rather straightforward.

We have cause to believe that the demand for unique stationery with space-related themes will continue to wane in 2019. Nonetheless, some stationery sets could have both space and monster themes.

5. Unicorn Notebook

unicorn diary

More ecologically friendly and natural materials have started to be used to the stationery industry as a result of people’s positive desire to connect with nature.

Among them, the soft-cloth-covered notebooks are the most well-liked. Popular colour choices are those that most accurately capture the unicorn’s simple hue and low contrast.

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