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Silicon Toilet Cleaning Brush (Multicolor) Pack Of 1


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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 × 15 cm

This silicon toilet brush with holder is not only for clean toilets but you can also use it for cleaning bathtubs, kitchen sink, and all other made up of ceramic glass surface. This item is made up of two materials such the long handle is with plastic ABS which and durable and the soft brush head is with bristle silicon which is modern material for manufacturing the household cleansing utensils which is easy to do work with while the traditional brushes are made with the natural plastic, nylon and other mix plastic which is tough to handle and non durable and our item makes your work easy as you can clean the corners and deep closed areas of the toilet bowl which is more difficult to remove the dirt from such areas while using other brushes. Because the brush head is made up of using the soft silicon which is more flexible and friendly product This is not only the product for cleansing the dirt but also a design to your bathroom because you can use this when in need and just keep it in holder which not even looks like the toilet brush. NOTE : brushes colors are delivered as per the availability and you cannot choose color by your own.


  • ABS Plastic.
  • Good Flexibility.
  • Cleaning Of Corner Made Easy.
  • Soft TPR Material.
  • Slip Proof & Rust Proof Handle.
  • Easy To Use.

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 × 15 cm


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